ASMP TimeLapse Photography Panel Discussion Tonight!

I’ll be part of a panel discussion on current timelapse photography trends and production issues tonight at Legend Studios. Here is the promotional copy on the announcement with details… As photographers, we frequently work with single moments frozen in time. But what happens if we freeze a lot of moments and string them together? That’s […]

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Remembering Steve Karr – Photographer/Digital Tech

Even after a week, so difficult to wrap my brain and heart around Steve Karr’s passing.  Anyone in this business with some wear and tear on them knows that core crews are familial by nature. It isn’t something that needs explanation, you either know what Im talking about or you don’t…we have lost a member […]

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Steve Karr has Passed

I just received some very bad news. Steve Karr has passed away in the last 48 hours.  I haven’t any more information I can share at this time but I know this is shocking news for our whole community. Steve was a consummate pro and associate, man of integrity and good friend.   He will […]

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North Phoenix Headshot Studio Now Open

In response to the increase in headshot photography business we have expanded our N. Phoenix office/annex location to include a headshot studio facility for walk in clients and last minute bookings.  One of the reasons for the increase in our business has been our participation in Thumbtack which has proven to be a reliable source […]

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Why Do Most People Present the Left Face in Portrait Photography?

Interesting story from The Atlantic regarding the statistically high rate of classic portraiture (60% of photography and painting) that reflects most subjects face to the right, presenting their left face over the right.  According to the author, science writer Sam Keen the driver for this dynamic is the connection associated with which side of the brain (the […]

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Apparently there has been a reversal of interpretation of the recent AZ Sales Tax exemptions… Thanks to ASMP/Phoenix for this update. 2015 TPT (Sales Tax) Update New Guidance from AZDOR Following the hubbub over previous Transaction Privilege Tax announcements, the Arizona Department of Revenue has now issued updated guidance about out-of-state sales. In a nutshell, here’s […]

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Don’t Forget to Update your Metadata!

Happy New Year ! Don’t forget to update your camera metadate…don’t forget to update your #Lightroom & #Photoshop too!

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New AZ Sales Tax Change Impacting all Professional Photographers

Heads up…this is a significant change if your a Arizona professional photographer doing business with out of state clients.  For CBP this has significant impact on  on several levels because the the bulk of our corporate business is shot out of state or in state for out of state clients.  Hoping this is more of a opportunity than a body […]

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Rep Julian Richards Quits with Prejudice

Remarkable Q&A in PDN with rep Julian Richards.  He recently quit the biz after a long run.  His perspective is both insightful and good reading.   The times they are a changin.

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The Rise and Fall of Scott Kelby – “Educator of Photographers”

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they are confronted with a opportunity to sell their soul.  It would appear that Scott Kelby has sold his…at a very affordable price. I know Scott Kelby by reputation only…a entrepreneur, educator of and advocate for photographers.  With well over a million followers, his promotion and endorsement […]

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Calumet Bankruptcy Update

  Received this letter via ASMP regarding the Calumet bankruptcy today….basically if they owe you merchandise, money, your own gear in for repair or replacement…your screwed. To our loyal Employees and Customers: It is with tremendous regret that we have to inform you that effective Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Calumet Photographic US was forced to […]

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No April Fool’s Joke Here…Another Notable Thumbtack Lead

Got a giggle out of this yesterday… Thumbtack offers leads to photographers and other service providers…As I wrote in a Feb post, most of the leads are low end, lol…this one sort of digs at the bottom of that barrel.  Note the services requested and the budget….and no…this isn’t a April Fool’s joke.

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      A Review of Services. In addition to our higher end commercial photography studio we shoot out of in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, CBP operates a ‘budget/while you wait’ headshot photography division in our North Phoenix corporate office and  studio ‘annex’.  This headshot photography division caters to emerging actors, actresses,  and […]

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Behind the Scenes: US Airways / Skyharbor Airport

                    On set at Sky Harbor Airport.  We were shooting the baggage handling crews on the tarmac and in the belly of the airport for US Airways.  We have done quite a bit of shooting in airports across the nation but this was the first time […]

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We have a responsibility to awe.

You will love this…”We have a responsibility to awe.”   How lucky we are as creatives to have the opportunity to reach for the awe so often in our work.

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