Rep Julian Richards Quits with Prejudice

Remarkable Q&A in PDN with rep Julian Richards.  He recently quit the biz after a long run.  His perspective is both insightful and good reading.   The times they are a changin.

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The Rise and Fall of Scott Kelby – “Educator of Photographers”

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they are confronted with a opportunity to sell their soul.  It would appear that Scott Kelby has sold his…at a very affordable price. I know Scott Kelby by reputation only…a entrepreneur, educator of and advocate for photographers.  With well over a million followers, his promotion and endorsement […]

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Calumet Bankruptcy Update

  Received this letter via ASMP regarding the Calumet bankruptcy today….basically if they owe you merchandise, money, your own gear in for repair or replacement…your screwed. To our loyal Employees and Customers: It is with tremendous regret that we have to inform you that effective Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Calumet Photographic US was forced to […]

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No April Fool’s Joke Here…Another Notable Thumbtack Lead

Got a giggle out of this yesterday… Thumbtack offers leads to photographers and other service providers…As I wrote in a Feb post, most of the leads are low end, lol…this one sort of digs at the bottom of that barrel.  Note the services requested and the budget….and no…this isn’t a April Fool’s joke.

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      A Review of Services. In addition to our higher end commercial photography studio we shoot out of in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, CBP operates a ‘budget/while you wait’ headshot photography division in our North Phoenix corporate office and  studio ‘annex’.  This headshot photography division caters to emerging actors, actresses,  and […]

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Behind the Scenes: US Airways / Skyharbor Airport

                    On set at Sky Harbor Airport.  We were shooting the baggage handling crews on the tarmac and in the belly of the airport for US Airways.  We have done quite a bit of shooting in airports across the nation but this was the first time […]

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We have a responsibility to awe.

You will love this…”We have a responsibility to awe.”   How lucky we are as creatives to have the opportunity to reach for the awe so often in our work.

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Portrait of Jane / July ’12

Portrait of Jane during a lighting check at the Long Bow Country Club in Arizona in July.

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Jane Janssen & Christopher Barr / Family Portrait


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Vidal Sassoon Competition – Brillare Academies / Glamour Headshot Photography Make Overs

We did a very cool project for  the 2012  Sassoon Cut & Color Photo Competition held in Los Angeles earlier this year.   We knocked out about 50 individually lit head shots of amatuer models in about 14 hours of shooting at the Brillare Academies in Scottsdale and Chandler.   The all amateur component of the shoot made this one […]

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Theatrical & Commercial Headshot Photography

We shot this commercial and theatrical headshot session for Pedram in June.  This was his first shoot with a professional headshot photographer.  I included a cell phone pic he sent us when he first contacted us.  Pedram provided clear examples illustrating the look and feel of the lighting he liked.  What is noteworthy here is […]

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Biosphere 2 – Corporate Video & Time lapse Photography

This is a industrial video Frank Salle and I produced for Solon Energy GmbH (Germany).  It includes still,  aerial and time lapse photography of a solar panel array installation at the Biosphere 2 in Tucson, Arizona.    The BioSphere folks were kind enough to put our entire crew up for the night in one of their […]

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Behind the Scenes: Tony and Sage Robbins / Fiji

We are cleaning and reorganizing our archives this month and I came across these BTS images and some unpublished editorial photography from a shoot we did in Fiji with Anthony & Sage Robbins. Being in this business is not without it perks and benes…there is a reason why unrealistic stereotypes associated with being a photographer exist…thats because […]

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Remembering Andy Williams

You may have heard the sad news that Andy Williams passed earlier this week.  I had the pleasure to shoot Andy in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  He was a consumate gentleman… creative, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  We broke bread at his home in Hollywood a couple of times where he […]

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Intern Call: Photography Consulting and Lighting Solution

Every year or two a really cool job comes in out of left field.  I am going to need some help next Wednesday on one of these.  I have been hired by a event photography company that is manufacturing a portable set for producing photography souvenirs at charity events, fund raisers and malls for holiday promotions. To […]

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